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Use guidance

Delivery only in the case of Japan


  • paypal  paypal


Paypal account  Credit card


Choose “paypal” with a settlement screen.

Input account  ”to pay from paypal account”and Push the button “log in”.


The PAYPAL is settlement service used all over the world. It is more convenient for various one and provides the service that I can settle more in peace.

You can settle an account under the safe security by using PAYPAL without telling a store about card information.


You can pay with your credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account


Choose “paypal” with a settlement screen.

And “Pay by a credit card”.


  • Bank transfer


Choose “Bank transfer” with a settlement screen.

Account information of the transfer is listed there

The transfer fee should be a burden on customer.

We will ship the goods once we confirm payment.



  • Delivery rate


The delivery in Japan is basically free.(Okinawa and an isolated island are excluded)

When the postage is caused, I specify it in a product page.


  • delivery date


The stock of Tokyo ships it the next day.

The stock of Kiso ships it 1-2 weeks later.

We contact you when it is out of stock,Because We share stock with other stores.


The stock area lists it in a product tag.
eg.”Stock Tokyo” “Stock Kiso”