"URUSHI" Table,goods,etc HAJIME JAPAN


Privacy policy

■ Store information

Shop Traditional URUSHI Products  HAJIME JAPAN
Distributor HAJIME JAPAN
Marketing manager Yoichi Hajime
Address 1-2-1 Minami Meguro-ku Tokyo Japan 152-0013
Phone Number 03-5726-8304
Mail address
Product URUSHI products (Table,Goods)
Quantity sold Sales are assumed to be a stock limit. We will report for out of stock the commodity.
List price  The consumption tax of Japan is contained. (5%)
Charge separately In Japan ; Delivery fee (one with description),Bank transfer fee.Export ; Delivery fee,Bank transfer fee,Tariff etc.(The consumption tax of Japan is excluded from the price. )
Expiration date of application After it orders, it is within 7 days for the transfer.
Delivery date The Tokyo stock will send out to 3 days or less on the order day, and send out the Kiso stock within 2 weeks.

■ About returned goods and defective goods

Returned goods time limit It is within 7 days from the commodity arrival day.
Returned goods carriage It becomes our load about defective goods.It becomes a load of the customer for the customer convenience.
Exchange goods When the commodity is defective, We will exchange it for a new article or equal goods.

■ Payment method

Payment method

PAYPAL account, PAYPAL credit, Bank transfer
Payment time limit Bank transfer ; Within seven days.


About the handling of individual information


We will think that appropriately recognizing the importance of protection of individual information, and using, and protecting it are the social responsibilities, and promise the protection of personal information to try.

Individual information is information on the individual, and information that can identify a specific individual such as the name, date of birth, and sex, the telephone number, the E-mail address, the occupations, and the offices is said.

Our company will collect and use seeing and individual information within the range for the following purposes.

The collection and the use of individual information by our company are the one, and when the customer is offered individual information, are assumed to be the one that the customer permitted our company to use individual information in accordance with this policy by the customer’s voluntary offer.

・Necessary business for delivering commodity of ordered our company

・Giving information that seems profit and necessary for customer of guide of new item etc. it

・Opinion collection for inquiry of our company needed on business accomplishment and confirmation and service improvement

・For various inquiries

Our company never discloses and offers the third party individual information without obtaining the person in question’s agreement as long as it doesn’t depend on the valid reason when basing on the law beforehand.

Our shop might offer a part of individual information in the business accomplishment such as providing with the commodity and service for the customer consigning of the outside ahead. In that case, I will manage so that individual information may be appropriately handled the business consignment ahead.

Our company sets up the chief privacy officer to prevent the leaking of private information, the downfall, and the damage, etc. , and does appropriate management of individual information kept to try, and to keep individual information to be accurate and the latest to an enough safety protection.

Our company will respond promptly within the reasonable range after being going being to confirm it is a person in question when individual information offered to our company for the customer is inquired, and the correction or the deletion is hoped.

The shopping settlement of our shop is consigned to [peiparushisutemu]. Because all customer’s web browsers and the communications between servers are encrypted by the SSL code communication as for the data input and the transmission with [peiparushisutemu], the content filled in is safely transmitted.