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Superior performance “URUSHI”

“URUSHI” is protection materials of the bare wood which is excellent with 100% of nature materials.

“URUSHI” is used traditionally from ancient times and is Japanese paint proud of to the world.

But work efficiency was good, and, by a wave of the modernization, stable cheap chemical paint was sold, and the “URUSHI” demand that it took time, and was expensive decreased.

It is thereby the present conditions that the number of “URUSHI” construction supplier and craftsmen decreases.

However, in these days when influence on environment and human body becomes the problem, “a natural ingredient” is coming into the limelight in every field.

“URUSHI” coating has superior performance, and toughness, the durability, anti-medicine characteristics, anti-allergic property, an antibacterial effect are given.

But “URUSHI” do not like the ultraviolet rays. Therefore, please do not expose the Urushi products to the direct rays of the sun.



“URUSHI” including the skill of the craftsman, unique aesthetic sense in Japan, the motif, the pattern is beautiful fantastically.