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Notes concerning overseas sales

  • Sales to foreign countries become dealings with mail.
  • The language in mail becomes correspondence in Japanese or English.
  • The currency of the estimate and the settlement becomes Japanese yen.
  • There is a possibility that the tariff etc. are separately caused in the locale by the country.
  • The error margin is caused with the sending out weight because the timber for wooden box is not contained as for the weight mark of the site.
  • EMS (express mail service) is a real weight standard. Other shipping rate standards reach a large value because of the comparison between the actual weight and the amount of the bulk density.
  • It is likely to assemble it in the locale for the capacity saving.
  • Please the possibility of out of stock in the relation of using another store with the stock together is acknowledged.

Flow from estimate to sending out

  1. Please let the commodity and the address know from “Inquiry form”.
  2. We will guide the amount of money according to the delivery method for the stock status and the pre-delivery period according to the content.
  3. Please inform me with mail so if you can approve the content. Moreover, please match and inform me of detailed information *.
  4. We will submit an invoice according to the delivery method and the settlement method.
  5. After the settlement is confirmed, it becomes sending out.
  6. We will E-mail the certificate of the invoice etc. at the same time.
 information * Name, Accurate address, Phone number, Settlement method (either paypal or the bank transfer)


Country and delivery method that can be exported


EMS(express mail service)

Japanese Post Office   EMS


EMS Handling country

EMS Table of size of classification by countries

EMS List of charges

EMS Rough estimate

Rough estimate Input screen



International Courier Services

Luggage that exceeds the defined size of EMS becomes “International Courier Services”.


International Courier Services(JET) Price list

※It separately costs fuel Surcharges. (2013 23.5%)




Product for export


Please see “Export data” of “Description” tab. (and Product tag  eg.Export-EMS,Export-ICS )


Export data




Product tag